ICBC has put out some information when it comes to spills in Trail

ICBC isn't doing interviews regarding the sulphuric acid spills in Trail, but they have put out some information.

The overall volume of claims they've received is now over 35-hundred, and the two spills have led to some of the largest claims losses they've ever experienced, in terms of volume and cost from just two events.

But officials say they're starting to see an increased trend of vehicles with no exposure to and damage from the acid spills.

So far they've inspected 17-hundred vehicles, and 13 hundred have had no evidence of exposure or damage.

They've been looking at roughly 100 vehicles a day.

ICBC says they'll be trying to recover the costs incurred from the people responsible for the spills, but they're in the process of determining who is at fault and say they'll sue those parties in due course.

More information is online