Ice Chillers at Trail Memorial Centre may have to be replaced sooner than planned

There's a chance the City of Trail will have to replace their ice chillers sooner than planned.

The Chillers are used at the Trail Memorial Centre Arena, as part of their ice making equipment.

Mayor Mike Martin says through routine inspections, they detected a higher level of iron in the brine, which indicates some corrosion is taking place within the chillers.

Martin says that's being investigated to see how serious the matter is and whether they have to take alternate actions at this time, with the possibility of speeding up the replacement of the chillers.

They had budgeted 220-thousand dollars this year and the cost to replace them both would be closer to 4-hundred thousand so if the work has to be done the money will come out of reserves.

The Chillers were installed close to 20 years ago so they're close to the end of their useful life.

WorkSafe BC did a site inspection this year, after last October's fatal ammonia leak in Fernie.

They also inspected facilities across the province.