Ice making done for this season at the Rossland Arena

No more ice making at the Rossland Arena for this season.

The city says a noticeable crack was found in one of the pipes of the brine system, during a routine inspection of the refrigeration system Sunday night.

The refrigeration system serves both the hockey and curling rink portions of the arena.

The city says after careful consideration, it's been decided that due to the potential time and costs associated with fixing the leak in relation to the amount of use of the facility left this year, ice production will stop for the remainder of the season.

Unfortunately that could affect an upcoming bonspiel being organized by the curling club.

The city says they'll work with the club to evaluate short term options, and try to determine how long the curling ice may last without continued refrigeration with the cold temperatures we have.

City officials say the crack did not pose a threat to public safety.

According to a release, the city has been aware of the need to replace the brine system, and they've been monitoring it's function closely.