Jet fuel spill at Nelson Airport Friday

Nelson Fire Rescue was called out to a report of a jet fuel spill on Friday at the Airport.

The duty crew reported a large spill of approximately 150 to 200 litres of jet fuel that had spilled while a tanker truck was off-loading the fuel to the above ground storage tank. 

Crews made sure all ignition sources were turned off, and closed up nearby buildings to make sure vapours didn't enter.

Crews were able to apply multiple bags of absorbent material to reduce the hazard and the impact on the environment.

The spill was monitored to ensure that it did not enter the storm drains.  

The spill appears to be the result of a coupling vibrating loose while the fuel was being pumped into the above ground tank.

In all, six firefighters responded to the incident with two fire engines, and two utility vehicles as well as the Hazard Materials/Technical Rescue Trailer.  The driver received some minor skin irritation due to being splashed with a large amount of the fuel.