KBRH Health Foundation pledges to support new Emergency Department

The KBRH Health Foundation has also pledged to support the new Emergency Department at KBRH.

The announcement was made last week that the province would help fund the 16.6 million dollar project.

Director of Development Lisa Pasin says it's an important project for the area, because it solidifies health care for years to come for residents in the Kootenay Boundary..and it allows them to provide a better level of care for the regional hospital, when it comes to increasing emergency room use.

Currently the foundation is fundraising for the Endoscopy campaign...Pasin says they're hoping it will be complete by the end of the year, and then they'll switch gears and support the ER Expansion..they've pledged up to 1 million dollars, but they'll need to see a concrete plan and budget first.

Meanwhile last weeks announced funding for the ER, came on top of the completion of the 1.77 million dollar improvements to the hospitals ICU.

There was also a ribbon cutting there.