Kootenay Cannabis Symposium in Nelson this week

The Kootenay United Cannabis Association and the RDCK are hosting a Kootenay Cannabis Symposium in Nelson this week.

The industry stakeholder event will identify barriers in transitioning to the regulated cannabis economy, and examine potential options moving forward for local businesses.

The event will include several levels of government representatives.

KUCA Vice President Jim Leslie says the legalization of cannabis in Canada has had a rocky start, particularly for small or craft cultivators and processors, who face some significant financial barriers.

He says the backbone of our regional economy comes from money created by these cultivators and processors.

According to Leslie, they need to be put into the system and allowed to participate as much as possible, or a significant amount of money will leave our regional economy and that's a significant factor for economic sustainability in our region and across Canada.

Discussion will include developments in the industry, regional job creation and business opportunities, and community based solutions to industry obstacles.

The Symposium is Thursday from 9am to 7 pm at the Prestige Lakeside Resort and Convention Centre.

Details are online www.kuca.ca