Kootenay Columbia MP on the Canada Revenue Agency, and bill to protect local lakes and rivers

Kootenay Columbia MP Wayne Stetski says the Canada Revenue Agency performance is clearly unacceptable.

That after a report that the CRA blocks over half the calls it receives from Canadian Taxpayers, by giving them a busy signal or a message to go to the website or call back later.

Stetski says staff have been hearing more and more frustration from constituents around the riding about accessing and trying to get in touch with the Canada Revenue Agency, so it wasn't surprising, but it was disappointing when the Auditor General released a report last week.

The report also found that when callers reach a live person at CRA, over 30 percent of the information they're given is wrong. 

Stetski says he's not blaming public servants, but it shows a lack of staffing levels, and possibly training.

Meanwhile Stetski introduced a Private Members Bill yesterday, amending the Navigation Protection Act to protect Kootenay Columbia Lakes and Rivers.

The  Act protects the public's right to navigation and marine safety in navigable waters by regulating the construction of bridges, and dams to ensure boaters can still travel the waterways; and by making sure those lakes and streams aren't polluted with sewage, waste, or other noxious substances.

  In 2012, the Conservative government removed most of Canada's navigable waters from protection, Stetski says to open the doors to pipelines and to the oil and gas industry.