Kootenay Lake School District projecting balanced budget

The Kootenay Lake School District is projecting a balanced budget for the upcoming school year.

CFO and Secretary Treasurer Michael McLellan says the board has approved a 69-million dollar budget, with about a half a million dollar increase from the current year, with the extra funding going towards increases in spending for diverse learners and aboriginal education.

McLellan says they took a different approach to the budget process this year, using a social media platform and holding consultation meetings to get feedback on priorities form students, staff, parents and the community.

That led to their priorities of a focus on mental health, early learning, and continued professional development.

They also have approval from the Ministry of Education to fund 2.7 million dollars in capital projects.

Projects include a playground at Winlaw, and an LVR Dust Collector.

McLellan says they also have pre approval of an expansion project which would be a major multi million dollar expansion of Blewett Elementary near Nelson.