Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-op is getting ready for legalization

The Kootenay Outdoor Producer Co-op is gearing up for the legalization of Marijuana, set to take effect October 17th.

President Todd Veri says they've had a look at Health Canada's regulations.

One surprise is from a production point of view, it looks like there's no distinction between medical and recreational cannabis, which opens up sales and export of medical to the co-op.

He says it also looks like it will be an online application process, rather than a lengthy drawn out licensing process, although they'll still have to have plans in place and things like security protocols.

Veri says now that they have some kind of direction, they'll start on their license application so they're ready whenever they're allowed to move forward.

They're still trying to finalize the purchase the Georama Property in Blewett for a central facility.

The idea of the coop is to grow outdoor organic cannabis on underutilized agricultural land in the RDCK.

They'll be holding an AGM and public meeting in late August.