Latest on flooding in the Boundary

Floodwaters in the Boundary continue to exceed the recorded high levels set in 1948, and the RDKB says extremely high water conditions in Boundary Rivers may continue for some time.

There are now close to 28-hundred residents evacuated, with an evacuation order issued for 1390 addresses yesterday due to severe flooding and flood risk, that includes homes in Christina Lake and Grand Forks.

Residents have to register at the Reception Centre at the Grand Forks Curling Rink, they also have Emergency Social Services Set up for displaced residents there.

The Granby River has spilled over its banks through downtown Grand Forks and has left several streets closed or with limited access with a meter of water on the ground in some spots.

Highway 3 is still open, but there's a Travel Advisory in effect through the with concerns for vehicles with limited clearance.

So far more than 120-thousand sand bags have been deployed around the Boundary.