Local school districts getting funding for energy upgrades, maintenance projects, and new buses

The province says they're focused on safer more efficient schools with 206 million dollars in funding for school districts for energy upgrades, maintenance projects and new buses.

There are five programs involved  including the School Enhancement Program, Carbon Neutral Capital Program, Building Envelope Program and the Annual Facility Grant.

Locally the Kootenay Lake School District is getting close to 2.5 million for a dust collector upgrade at LVR, flooring upgrades at various schools, window upgrades at Hume Elementary, and 7 new buses.

The Arrow Lakes School District is getting over 1.2 million for flooring upgrades and security system upgrades at various schools, as well as window upgrades at Nakusp secondary and Elementary, along with 1 new bus.

For the Kootenay Columbia District, over 1.4 million is going towards electrical upgrades at Stanley Humphries, and 3 new buses.

in the Boundary over 1.98 million will go towards a number of projects including lighting upgrades at GFSS, flooring, washroom and security upgrades at various school, roof work at Perley Elementary, and window and exterior door replacement at John A Hutton Elementary.