Loud motorcycles will be targeted by RCMP around the Kootenays

More enforcement is on the way when it comes to loud motorcycles in the East and West Kootenay.

Police are adopting a zero tolerance policy  for bikes that have had their exhaust pipes altered or that have had market equipment installed to make the motorcycle louder.

While some motorcycle riders will say loud pipes save lives, police say they may not realize the impact the loud pipes have in communities, waking up residents at night and for pedestrians when a bike goes by.

According to police, A loud motorcycle exhaust can be painful to the ears, cause medical problems as well as drown out more crucial sounds such as approaching emergency vehicle sirens, car horns or cross walk signals.

Riders can be issued a $109 fine as well as a formal inspection notice.

Police will be also stepping up enforcement and adopting a zero tolerance policy on B.C. drivers who have illegal window tint on their vehicles as well as not displaying their front licence plates.