March weather in Castlegar set some cold temperature records

If you thought March was colder than normal, you'd be right.

Last month set some temperature records according to the Southeast Fire Centre Weather Services.

in the early morning hours of March 3rd, the temperature went down to minus 18.1 degrees, which was a new record daily minimum in Castlegar.

It also broke the monthly record low, last set in 2009, and it will go down as the coldest temperature of Winter 2018/2019.

The average temperature of the month, plus 2.6 degrees, was 1.8 degrees cooler than normal.

Precipitation was also somewhat unusual, and while we received half of the months normal amount of precipitation, with total rainfall less than a quarter of normal.

Snowfall totals however, came in at 47 percent above normal.

The most significant snowfall of the month was March 11th and 12th, when Castlegar saw 15.4 cm's of new snow.

The last of the valley snow melted off at the Castlegar Airport March 24th, which is one of the latest snow free dates of the last 10 years, mainly due to colder than average temperatures, and above average snowfall in February and March.