Mild Fall means some bears still aren't hibernating in the Trail Rossland area

It may be December, but that doesn't necessarily mean the bears are already hibernating.

Rossland Trail Wildsafe BC Coordinator Desiree Profili says they are still getting some complaints because the Fall has been so mild, so it could be another couple of weeks before the bears will fully go into hibernation.

She says the bear season hasn't been too bad this year, the call volume was down, but they have had a few problem bears.

Meanwhile she says she has had a couple of wolf alerts in the Trail area, but she hasn't actually seen one or talked to conservation about it.

She says there are wolves around the region but it's unusual to see them in communities, so it might be one that is sick or old, or just wandered in unexpectedly, or it could have been a big coyote.

Profili says whether it's a wolf or coyote advice is the same, keep pets on leashes and make sure you're aware of your surroundings.