More teachers preparing to start the school year in the Kootenay Columbia School District

The Kootenay Columbia School District will have quite a few more teachers this year.

Superintendent Bill Ford say they'll have hired between 50 and 55 new teachers, which is a combination of new teachers to the TOC call out list, or substitute teachers, and new teachers hired to new classroom positions.

He calls it quite a few postings for a small rural district.

Districts around the province have been hiring more teachers, in part due to the Supreme Court ruling restoring class sizes to 2002 levels.

Ford says the school district has been successful partly because they were on the ball when it came to getting their postings out, and because of where we live in the province, he says it's an attractive place for teachers to move to.

Meanwhile Ford says this will be the 2nd full year of the curriculum change for grades K to 9, and the draft curriculum for the graduating program for Grades 10-12.