Nelson approved two Cannabis Retail Store Applications

Nelson Council went to a lottery system this week, when it comes to Cannabis Retail Store Applications.

Councillor Brittany Anderson says it was how their bylaw was structured, it meant that when there were more applicants than allowed in the downtown zone it would go to a lottery system if there wasn't any material difference in their application scores. 

Two were given council approval to move on to the province, but in the end they didn't deny the 3rd applicant.

There was a motion on the table to say they weren't approved, but that would go to the province and effectively end their application.

Anderson says she felt it was important that they leave that opportunity open, so they could use other options available, looking at a temporary use permit, or a change in the bylaw, or they could look at moving to another location.

The Nelson Zoning Bylaw limits the number of cannabis retail stores to two in the downtown, one in Railtown, one in the
Lakeside/Industrial area, and one along Nelson Avenue.