Nelson Council has seen a big decrease in water consumption in the past decade

Nelson Council has approved updates to the original 2007 Water Master Plan, and they've done final adoption of the 2018 Water Sewer Rates in the Fees and Charges Bylaw.

Since the city originally implemented the Water Master Plan, they've been able to achieve a 30 percent reduction in water consumption per person.

The daily summer maximum use per person has been reduced from almost 2,000 litres per day to less than 750 litres per day.

The reduction is the result of upgrades and repairs to aging underground infrastructure, including the replacement of corroded and leaking galvanized pipes throughout the city and removing the irrigation of many parks from the water supply.

The city also promoted water conservation through a targeted campaign.

The 2017 Master Plan recognizes those achievements, and provides some new direction to guide future improvements, including the renewal of their main water source at 5 mile creek.

As for rates, council approved an annual rate increase of 2 percent for water, and 1.5 percent for sewer, to cover operating costs, capital expenditures, and future capital projects.