Nelson Council's Strategic Palling will include action on climate change

Nelson's Current City council is beginning the process of a strategic plan for the city.

According to Councillor Rik Logtenberg, it will be built around adapting to climate change effects, and taking responsibility for council's role in it.

 Logtenberg says they know they need to take strong action, and in April they're going to go on a retreat to focus on the strategic plan.

He says they had a climate change workshop last week, and while the city has made strong strides, they've done a lot of the easier steps, which means more challenging work in the future to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and prepare for wildfire and drought.

Meanwhile Logtenberg says the discussion is good timing with hundreds of student marching for climate action in Nelson this week.

He says it's important they hear from council as a follow up and that they know council takes the issue seriously.