Nelson Curling Club working to find solution for ammonia plant

The Nelson Curling Club continues to look at solutions, after a leak shut down their ammonia plant last month, shutting them down for the season.

President Gordon Weiss says they've been working on a business case document, outlining their situation and what they'll be asking the City of Nelson and RDCK to do.

President Gordon Weiss says they'll have delegations at the April 9th meeting of the Recreation Commission, and the city council meeting April 1st.

The plan is to release the report around March 19th.

In the meantime they've been looking at different options for the plant, including a switch from ammonia to a new blend of Freon and Opteon, which is said to be a green option that can be cost effective.

They're going to have a representative coming March 18 at 11 at the Nelson Curling Club, to educate local residents, and any other ice plant owners or operators around the region.

The fatal incident in Fernie has put more scrutiny on ammonia plants, leading to more regulations, and more enforcement of regulations.