New Affordable Housing website for Lower Columbia Region

According to the Greater Trail Skills Centre Executive Director, there's never enough affordable housing around the region, but they're trying to help with a new website.

Morag Carter says the community developed a plan in the past couple of years called Thriving for All, with 5 pillars, one of them being housing.

So housing providers around the community came together to work on a project thanks to some CBT funding, and came up with a website.

The directory provides details of the non-profit affordable housing options available in the region, as well as other services available.

She says there's still a significant need, and stakeholders are also helping to develop and bring on stream more affordable housing for the community.

According to Morag, a recent survey by the LCCDT found that there has been a 10 to 15 percent increase in the cost of rental housing this year.

The new website is