New projects announced as part of CBT Recreation Grants Program

The CBT has approved 53 new projects worth over 3 million dollars as part of the last intake of the 3 year Recreation Grants Program....the goal to help basin residents lead a more healthy and active lifestyle.

The Recreation Infrastructure Grants program provided funds to construct new recreation infrastructure or upgrade existing infrastructure.

Recently funded projects include an old baseball diamond  being turned into a pickleball court in Oasis..

The Slocan Park Community Hall Society will upgrade it's current playground..

North of Nakusp, the Mount Abriel Trail Network Development will get some funding for a new wooden boardwalk on the Lake Trail.

The CBT is also funding a new play structure at Twin Rivers Elementary in Castlegar.

The City of Nelson is getting funding to install outdoor exercise equipment at  Lakeside Park

The Nelson Tennis club will Build a multi-sport complex at Nelson Secondary School for shared use with the

City of Trail is getting funding for a Lower Sunningdale Court Conversion, converting an old outdoor
tennis court into a multi-sport space for all age groups.

In total, the program has funded 153 projects with $9.4 million, including over 350 kilometres on 68 trails, 53 outdoor facilities like playgrounds, pickleball and tennis courts, and 15 other facilities like riding arenas and gymnasiums.