Not so "Smart" watch leads to Castlegar woman being pulled over

The West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit is reporting a "not so smart" watch incident.

The unit nabbed a driver this week for using an electronic device while driving on Columbia Avenue in Castlegar, in this case a smart watch.

What caught the officers attention was the driver focusing intently on her watch, he then saw her start to tap and swipe the watch, which led to the woman being pulled over.

The penalty for using an electronic device while driving starts at 368-dollars.

Sergeant Chad Badry with the West Kootenay Traffic Section says trying to steer and read messages on a smart phone is almost worse than using a conventional cell phone.

Aside from the potential penalty if caught, the consequences could be devastating for all involved.

In a Quebec court decision this week, a man was convicted of killing another driver and injuring two teens while texting and driving and was handed a 4 year prison sentence.