Overdose Prevention Pilot Project in Nelson

There's an Overdose Prevention Site Pilot Project under way in Nelson.

The community is one of the first to have an OPS Site, which provides a place for users to be so they're not doing drugs in parks or bathrooms in the community, as well as access to health services. 

Rise Up Community Engagement Coordinator for Ankors Alex Sherstibitoff says they ran it for four days in May in the parking lot of Anchors, around the time social assistance cheques came out.

According to Sherstibitoff, every cheque day there's a spike in overdoses and death, and it's so sad to hear that a young person died from an overdose. 

When they ran the Overdose Prevention Site in May there were no overdoses.

He says there are just some simple things that we need to do to help people caught up in addiction to opioids and fentanyl, that can make a world of difference.

The site in Nelson isn't permanent, it will just be for a few days every month, and it has the support of the Nelson Police, City Hall, and so far the community according to Sherstibitoff.