Physicians and Staff at KBRH help with final design of future Emergency Department

Physicians and staff at KBRH have had their say when it comes to  the new KBRH Emergency Department Design.

IH Health Services Administrator Jane Cusden says they do mock ups of what the future emergency department spaces at KBRH will look like when the hospitals phased-in Emergency Department Redevelopment is complete in 2020. 

It provides an opportunity for the clinical team to provide feedback that can be incorporated into the final design. 

The emergency design development phase, including the input from KBRH clinicians, will be completed in about a month. Interior Health will then go to tender for project construction, which is expected to start in early summer.

Plans for the 16.6 million dollar  redevelopment include a single-storey addition to the existing building that will significantly expand the size of existing emergency department to address  space and service challenges