Positive budget news from the Kootenay Columbia School District

A lot of positives this year with the Kootenay Columbia School District Budget.

Board Chair Terry Ferworn says they had 207-thousand dollars extra to spend on top of their status quo budget, so no cuts this year, and they've been able to invest in the future of students.

That includes things like giving the crossing guards and noon hour supervisors an increase,  a new education assistant mentor position, and some funding to help support the secondary band programs, which saw cuts over the years.

According to Ferworn, there was one area where there was a downside.

They were finally told by the overarching BC Public Sector Employer Council, that they could give administrators a raise after 5 years of frozen wages, which was good news, but they weren't given any money for the raises so it had to come out of the districts operating budget.