Preparations under way for spring runoff, and potential flood related emergencies

Local regional districts are asking residents to prepare for any flood related emergencies this spring.

With snowpacks high around the region, rivers and creeks have started to rise.

They're asking residents to prepare and have a household emergency plan.

A plan template can be downloaded from the PreparedBC website

Regional districts are working with municipalities, local fire departments, and emergency management BC when it comes to things like having sandbags ready.

Meanwhile the RDKB is pumping at Saddle Lake Dam in the Boundary as part of preparations.

Field staff in rural grand forks are carrying out a provincial order to lower the reservoir level at Saddle Lake Dam, to minimize the risk to people property and the environment.

Officials say water flows will continue to fluctuate in the creek bed below Saddle Lake Dam, and stress that it's illegal to alter any watercourse, even if a creek bed has been dry for a period of time.

The RDKB will receive $190,000 in federal Gas Tax funding this spring to build a spillway to reliably manage water levels year-round at Saddle Lake Dam, the work can't be done until after spring runoff.