Project underway to see how local kids are doing before school

The Family Action Network wants to know how local kids are doing before they enter the school system.

FAN and UBC's Human Early Learning Partnership are starting a two year project to gather critical information on the development and health of local kids and the well being of their families.

Executive Director Christy Anderson says that 22 percent of children entering Kindergarten in the Kootenay Columbia School District begin school with vulnerabilities in one or more critical areas of development.

What they're looking at doing is to gather more information about how children at 18 months are doing, around their development, they also want to give a questionnaire to families to see how families are doing when they have young children at home.

Throughout the project they'll be using two different questionnaires to gather information  Ages and Stages and the Toddler Development Instrument.

FAN will be partnering with early childhood agencies in Trail and Castlegar.

Anyone with kids between 1 and 2 can also go online for more information