RDCK Area I looking at possibility of daycare's in community halls

There's a feasibility study being done within the RDCK's Area I,  to see if it's viable to establish a community hall daycare support service.

Andy Davidoff says there are 5 community halls in his area, including the Brilliant Cultural Centre.

Davidoff says they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, particularly in rural areas maintaining all of these community halls, and they want to see if it's feasible where the demand is there as daycare centres, and that may require some construction, but they'd also like to see if they should be establishing a Community Hall Daycare Support Service in the area. 

He's hoping the study will help them determine if that's the direction they should be going in.

They're working with the CBT, looking at whether there's need, and if the community halls could work.

Davidoff  says it would be one way to utilize millions of dollars of existing assets to support younger families in the communities.