RDCK Board approves assembly location for new Glade Ferry

It might take a little longer than expected for the new Glade Ferry to get up and running.

The new ferry has been built piece by piece and it's ready for final assembly, but there are concerns about the location for the assembly.

Area I Director Andy Davidoff says the builder wants it to be at the local regional park in Glade, which will take a few months. Up until this summer, the community hadn't been told of that plan; he says the majority of the community wanted to have construction moved to a different site down the river, but there were issues with that.

The Board was split but Davidoff says in the end, they've given consent to the location, which is owned by the Columbia Power Corporation, as long as certain conditions are met including fire suppression plans, soil reclamation plans, and hours of operation limits, as well as more community consultation.

Meanwhile Davidoff says the community of Glade has been facing a number of issues, including watershed logging in the area and fire insurance. The insurance industry is saying any community served by a cable ferry has to have its own fire department.