RDCK update on Kaslo landslide

The State of Local Emergency and Evacuation Order in Kaslo following a landslide above Zwicky Road
remains in place.
No houses have been damaged in the landslide. The evacuation order area remains the same.
RDCK Emergency staff and a geotechnical engineer will be conducting a helicopter flight this morning to
assess the landslide.
A public meeting will be held this afternoon at the Kaslo Royal Canadian Legion Hall at 1 pm. RDCK
Emergency staff, RCMP, and provincial staff will be providing an update to residents on the expected
duration of the evacuation order.
The RDCK will keep the public updated as more information becomes available.
Residents can contact the EOC Reception for more information at 1-866-522-7701 or 250-352-7701, as well
as the Provincial Emergency Coordinator Centre at 1-800-663-3456.