RDCK update to Castlegar Council on Regional Emergency Program

The RDCK Emergency Program Supervisor met with Castlegar council this week.

Travis Abbey says it was to give the city information.

Within the RDCK, there's a regional partnership with municipalities, where they give a certain amount of their taxes to the regional RDCK Emergency Program, who staff and maintains it.

Castlegar is the exception, they have an independent program.

The meeting this week was to demonstrate what the program has been doing, and plans for the future.

Abbey says they thought it was a good time to approach the city to see if they're interested in becoming part of the program.

He says they have a relationship with Castlegar, so if they chose to remain independent, their relationship doesn't change.

According to Abbey,  if there's an incident on the boundary of Castlegar, they'd both be involved.

Meanwhile he says they're coming off a challenging, busy season for the emergency program, going from floods in the Spring to fires in the Summer.