RDKB says reports of raw sewage going into the Columbia River from Trail incorrect

While there have been reports of raw sewage overflowing onto the ground and going into the Columbia River in Trail last week, the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary says the reports were incorrect.

RDKB GM of Environmental Services Alan Stanley says last Thursday they submitted an overflow report to the Provincial Emergency Program, stating that the sewer system had gone over their permit allowances.

They're allowed to put a certain amount of treated sewage into the river, and they exceeded that due to the rain event...but all of the material that went into the river was still treated, solids were removed, it was chlorinated, disinfected, and de-chlorinated to make it safe for the receiving environment.

He says nothing goes over ground, it goes though the treatment plant into the outfall which goes quite away out into the Columbia River.

He says it wouldn't cause health issues for people, the native plants or animals, and they were still well within their permit levels.

He says these kind of events happen annually when there's heavy rain events, usually a little later in the year, and they have to notify the proper authorities when they go over permit.