Results are in from Park Planning Survey in Salmo

Results are in from a survey about park planning in Salmo with 218 residents weighing in.

Survey participants identified a number of priorities including a waterpark in KP Park; updated and winterized washrooms in Lions Park; and for youth, a basketball court and all-wheel outdoor skate park.

The Village of Salmo will be incorporating the results into long term planning after the new concession is built in KP Park.

Right now the village is fundraising for the 304-thousand dollar project and are currently at 10 per cent of their fundraising goal.

The Village also says it will start discussions with School District 8 about a basketball court or multi use park and consider improvements at the skate park, which were priorities identified by Salmo students. 

The Village of Salmo owns close to 20 hectares of parks and open space, more than twice the suggested Canadian standard of up to 8 hectares per 100 residents.