Rodent control and less wildlife conflict the focus of Trail non profit

It's been a decade since the non profit Natural Control Alternatives Society began their work when it comes to  Humane Rodent Control Services in the Trail area.

They partnered with the City of Trail after a resident found poisoned bait boxes meant for Columbian Ground Squirrels  near his parents gravestones a decade ago.

The group was looking for a humane approach, and spokesperson Scott Leyland says they've been using a hole filling method to deter the ground squirrels.

They've also been working with Selkirk College and Scientists from across Western Canada on techniques.

Meanwhile Communal bear bins are set up in Trail again this year at the Public Works yard in Glenmerry, and the Sunningdale Pump House to help reduce human wildlife conflict.

This year one is also set up in Rossland.

They request a contribution of 4 dollars a bag to help offset the cost of disposal, while volunteers maintain the sites.