Rossland Arena getting a short term fix to open up again next season

The arena in Rossland will be up and running again in the fall, but no long term decisions were made this week.

They had a brine break in the arena towards the end of last season.

Council was given 5 options from a short term 20-30 thousand dollar fix to completely replacing the chiller and condensers, a 350-thousand dollar project that would guarantee the facility for the next 25 years.

Mayor Kathy Moore says a task force has been looking at recreation in the community, so council felt it was too early to make a big decision like that.

Moore says they'll do the short term fix and keep working on what benefits the whole community. She says they're going to have to replace the chiller and condenser if they decide to keep the ice in the arena which is a likely outcome, but they didn't want to prejudge that decision.

The task force should have the information back to council in late Summer or Early Fall.