Rossland planning outreach when it comes to recreation

Rossland is going to be doing comprehensive outreach when it comes to recreation.

Mayor Kathy Moore says they haven't done a survey since 2009, when they asked whether the community wanted to make a recreation deal with Trail...although no came out on top, she says the vote was close.

She says a lot of families with kids have really been suffering under Trail's program of charging Rosslanders basically double what they charge basically anyone else. 

So she says they want to revisit that again, and look and see how Rosslanders feel about their own facilities and using Trail's Facilities, and find out what people value and what they want them to invest in.

She says a survey will help them determine residents priorities.

Meanwhile the Rossland Skate Park Group asked council to forgive their 20-thousand dollar loan they got from the city.

Moore says as much as they appreciate what the group has done, and they wished they could, they weren't able to because they have a lot of demands on their budget.