Rossland Winter Carnival Bobsled Race will continue in the future, after crash

There were some injuries on the weekend at Rossland Winter Carnival, during the Bobsled event.

Winter Carnival President Tara Kowalchuk says a spectator was standing in a prohibited area, and a bobsled went off course running into the snow pack and hitting the spectator, who suffered minor injuries.

One racer suffered a broken femur that required surgery, another a deep bruise to their upper leg.

She says a review determined it was an accident, caused by a number of factors including racer decision making, sled mechanics, and the spectator being in a prohibited area.

Meanwhile she says the race will continue in future years.

Kowalchuk says the event is one of their most popular for participants and spectators alike, and they've had an excellent safety and accident record over the past 30 years.

She says they're going to continue to make the event as safe as possible for everyone involved.

They're also implementing a plan to follow up with the racers involved in the sled accident and the spectator to make sure that there are no post accident issues.