Selkirk Administration recommending 2 percent increase in tuition

Selkirk College Administration is recommending a 2 percent increase in tuition for the upcoming school year.

President Angus Greame says they put a notice of motion in the January board meeting, and the 2 percent yearly has been government policy for well over a decade to cover inflation and incremental costs.

He says the money goes back into the classrooms and it would mean an increase of between 60 and 70 dollars a year for 

They rely on tuition, provincial grants, and other revenue sources for college programs.

According to Graeme the province hasn't increased their grant for roughly 10 years, so budgets are always tight..he says they go out and generate revenue in other ways, through things like contract and applied research projects, and international student tuition.

Meanwhile Graham says Selkirk has the 6th lowest tuition rate in the province of all post secondary's.