Selkirk College has been working on initiatives as part of their Sexual Violence Prevention Program

October was Sexual Violence Prevention Month at Selkirk College.

Leslie Comrie is the Healthy Campus Advisor for the College.

She says their Sexual Violence Prevention Program came out of discussions with staff, faculty and students, talking about what kind of things were needed to keep students safe.

Since they got the policy in place, they've moved towards initiatives to support the policy and students, including Bringing in the Bystander Training for staff and students, to teach them how to intervene in a situation where there might be sexual violence or racism.

Meanwhile Research has shown that the first 6 to 8 weeks of school are when sexual violence is most likely to occur.

Another way they're protecting students is by selling drink spiking detection kits, which are on sale at the Castlegar Campus, and soon to be on sale at Nelson's Silver King and Tenth Street Campuses.

According to Comrie, a student requested the kits be available for Selkirk Students.