Selkirk looking at training when it comes to emerging marijuana industry

With legalization of recreational marijuana set for October, Selkirk College is looking into training for the emerging industry.

Tracey Harvey is an instructor at Selkirk.

She says there's big estimates when it comes to the number of jobs and they're going to need skilled workers to fill those jobs.

And while there are people participating in the black market, there is interest in legitimizing those workers and making sure they've got the proper certification to carry out the roles that are going to be necessary when they enter the workforce.

She says it's a natural fit within the continuing education program to offer programs that certify workers and prepare them for this emerging industry.

Harvey says right now it's still in the investigation stage, and the college will work with the community to address any concerns.

She says the hope would be to have training starting around the time legalization goes through Oct