So far it looks like an early Spring isn't in the forecast

If you were hoping for an early Spring, it looks like you'll be disappointed.

The weather prediction this year was for an El Nino year, which is characterized by warmer than normal temperatures.

Weather Specialist Ron Lakeman says at this point there's still some light snow in the forecast for the weekend, and by Sunday night a modified arctic outbreak is expected, with colder temperatures on the way again.

He says that's rather unusual during an El Nino year.

It happened in 1995, when we got down to minus 17 degrees, but the area was still snow free by about the middle of February.

More commonly in an El Nino year temperatures are plus 5 or plus 7 by this point

Lakeman says they don't foresee that happening in the next week, and they're expecting the snow to stay on the ground the next 10 days to two weeks.

So the question, will the El Nino kick in and we'll end up with a sudden warm spell at some point late February, early March?

He says it's hard to tell but he says for now the cold weather is expected to continue