Some concerns in Grand Forks when it comes to an affordable housing project on 2nd Street

The Mayor of Grand Forks says they've heard a number of concerns from residents when it comes to a proposed affordable housing project on 2nd Street.

Mayor Brian Taylor says they discussed the issue with the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing and BC Housing last week.

Taylor says there's not a lot of information regarding the project on 2nd Street, which has caused part of the concern.

Some are also concerned about the location being the entrance to the community right on 2nd street and the main highway..

Taylor says the Ministry and BC Housing will hold community sessions once an operator has been identified.

Council will also be going to look at similar projects in other cities.

One project on 19th street is going ahead, council gave approval for form and character, for the project that's set to provide up to 52 affordable rental homes for families and seniors.

Taylor says the facilities are expected to target a cross section of residents including those who lost their homes or are at risk of losing their homes due to flooding.