The bears are back in town, in Castlegar

The Castlegar WildSafe BC Coordinator says there was a slow start to the bear season locally and provincially, but Jenny Wallace says the bears are definitely coming out now.

She says now's the time to pick fruit from trees and manage attractants and the relatively new garbage bins in Castlegar should help.

Households in Castlegar have bear resistant garbage bins now, which is making a big difference when it comes to conflict according to Wallace...but there are some people that are leaving their bins unlocked outside, which is creating some conflict, and teaches bears that it's still worth it to get into the locked bins.

As for other critters, Wallace says August was a busy month with cougar conflict, mostly in rural areas, but that's quieting down, and they're getting into the peak of bear season.

Anyone who has a fruit tree that needs to be picked, or wants to pick can head to Castlegar Harvest on Facebook.