The Nakusp and Area Bike Society is continuing work on the Mount Abriel Trail System

The Nakusp and Area Bike Society has a big project on the go.

They're working on a world class mountain bike trail system on Mount Abriel, that will eventually see 50 km's of trails built through the forest from the top of Mount Abriel, down to the lake.

Parts of the system will be accessible to people with various abilities.

Project Manager Janis Neufeld says part of the goal is to help support the local economy by providing more jobs and tourism.

So far they've raised 961-thousand dollars, part of that from the BC Rural Dividend grants, and the CBT.

Work started last year with a seven-kilometre long hiking, running, and mountain bike trail.

This year the plan is to extend the trails in the lower portion of the system, build a 30-site campground, and an adaptive trail.