Trail citizen helps with arrest after wallet thefts this week

Trail RCMP had some help from a local citizen after the man's wallet and his son's wallet were stolen from his unlocked vehicle early Monday morning.

The man went to a local credit union to report the theft of his banking and credit cards, and  was told his cards were being used at the mall.

There the citizen found two suspects in action.

He confronted both men who fled, gave chase, and one of the suspects, a 21 year old man gave himself up and agreed to go to the Trail RCMP detachment with the citizen, where he was taken into police custody.

Police continue to investigate the 2nd man involved in the incident.

The RCMP recommend that citizens do not attempt to take action into their own hands and contact the police. 

In this case the citizen knew both of the suspects, and was able to negotiate with one of them without the use of physical force.  

The RCMP are also reminding people that thefts from unlocked vehicle continue to  occur regularly, and to secure their vehicles, homes and personal belongings.