Update on CBT First Nation's Housing Sustainability Initiative

The Columbia Basin Trust is out with an update when it comes to it's First Nation's Housing Sustainability Initiative, to help first nation communities build their stock of affordable housing, increase capacity to manage the housing, and help with repairs and energy retrofits.

In the Creston area, 17 affordable housing units in the Lower Kootenay Band community are getting upgrades, to make units healthier, safer and more affordable when it comes to energy.

That includes things like new foam spray insulation in attics and foundation repairs in basements.

Mark Brunton is the CBT Senior Manager, Delivery of Benefits.

He says they've heard from a number of tenants, but one in particular struck him.

They said the work helped reduce their winter heating bills by 50 percent which would have a big impact on someone staying in one of those homes.

The upgrades are being done through a partnership and over $585,000 in support from the Trust.

The project is also receiving support from Indigenous Services Canada, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Association, and FortisBC. 

Work should be finished by the end of 2019.