Volunteers needed for the Trail Branch of the Navy League of Canada

The Trail Branch of the Navy League of Canada is looking for some community minded residents.

President Wynne Connolly says they're the sponsoring group for the Sea Cadets in Trail.

She says without the sponsoring committee, the Sea Cadets won't be able to happen. 

They don't want the corp to shut down, they've been in the Trail area since the 1940's, and she says it's an extremely important group that helps youth to find new life skills and develop those life skills.

There's also National and International opportunities.

They're looking for people to take on a number of roles including secretary, VP and Treasurer.

Connolly says it's not a big time commitment, it's around 3 hours a month, including one meeting.

For information call Connolly 250-368-9161, or email trailbranchnloc@gmail.com