Water on the rise again in Grand Forks, and mitigation work being done in Salmo to prevent flooding

Officials say another surge of water is already hitting the flood damage community of Grand Forks.

Water levels began to rise again yesterday in the Ruckle Neighbourhood, along the Granby River.

t's being called the ``the start of round two'' as unseasonable heat rapidly melts snowpacks, but this time the water isn't expected to recede overnight as it did in the first flood.

EOC Director Chris Marsh says there are big concerns because of the delay between the first and 2nd event.

They're hearing that people are going back into evacuation order areas.

He says that's dangerous, the water is going to come back up and if you were flooded last week you're going to be flooded again..

Marsh also says river courses have changed, so everyone should stay back from river banks because they're unstable, and not necessarily where they used to be or predictable.

As to concerns about looting, March says they continue to have RCMP onsite.

 At least 15 hundred homes in the district remain evacuated following last week's flooding, which was the region's worst in 70 years,

Meanwhile local government are hoping to get the army into the community, to that end they've been in communications with Emergency Management BC.

IN Salmo the RDCK continues to monitor and assess the potential for flooding, should anticipated high water levels on Erie Creek overtake the Salmo dike.

 Mitigation work is being done to help prevent a potential breach. An evacuation alert issued yesterday for the Village of Salmo and some outlying areas remains in effect.