Weekend update into fatal tanker crash and spill into the Salmo River

What was likely the final update from the Provincial Environmental Emergency Program on a spill into the Salmo river, came out on Saturday night.

On Wednesday, a fuel tanker, carrying diesel and gas crashed into the river, closing down the Kootenay Pass on and off for close to 48 hours.

An estimated 50,000 litres of fuel was released to the environment.

There was containment and skimming operations at the incident site.

Officials said on Saturday, the fuel sheening at the impact site had visibly diminished, although aquatic assessments indicated mortalities of both fish and invertebrate species in the 2 km section immediately downstream of the site.

Environmental impact assessment plans were reviewed by the MOE  and all plans are being actioned. 

A rapid assessment of the impacted area was conducted to guide Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) operations planned to begin yesterday.

The responding Environmental Emergency Response Officers (EERO) will continue to work with the responsible person, contractors and other agencies to make sure cleanup and monitoring activities for this incident are carried out safely and effectively.