Winlaw man treated for hypothermia after spending the night outside

A 35 year old Winlaw man is safe after spending a night outside.

RCMP were called by the man's girlfriend Friday night after she couldn't get in contact with him.

When police went to the man's home, they found a fresh set of snowmobile tracks leaving the residence.

Nelson Search and Rescue were activated.

The tracks led to an avalanche path but due to nightfall and the risk of avalanche the search was suspended until the following morning.  

Saturday morning a helicopter located the man walking in the area of the avalanche.

He was rescued and treated for hypothermia.

The man said he  tried to travel across the avalanche path when he and the snowmobile rolled down into the gully. 

 It was too steep to walk up so he started to walk in what he later realized was the wrong direction so he hunkered down for the night.